Month: September 2018

Best Places For Flying Drones In Birmingham

With drones becoming more and more popular new legislation is being introduced to limit their use in built up areas and in particular their use near to airports and prisons.

The dangers of flying heavier drones (over 250g) in these kinds of areas are all too apparent and flying near to low flying commercial aircraft could have a potentially devastating impact so it is important that drone users follow appropriate legislation in their local area. That being said, it is also important to remember the positives that flying drones can have and if nothing else they provide an accessible route in to aviation for young people or those who don’t perhaps have large budgets for flying lessons etc.

If you are from Birmingham then you will be all too aware of the lack of space in central Birmingham for flying drones – but unlike London (that has extremely strict drone flying rules) there are areas that can be used for this type of aerial activity.

As always, you should consult local laws yourself and this guide is meant as purely that (guidance) – you are responsible for where you fly and if you are unsure you should contact your local authority. Above all, remember that if you are near to a person or someones property then you probably shouldn’t be flying there – you can also check for more information at the likes of the Civil Aviation Authority or Drone Deliver.

3 Places For Flying in Birmingham

Here we take a look at three top places for flying in Birmingham city centre or the surrounding areas:

Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is one of the busier parks in the city but there are times when it is quiet. Early mornings are best when you will only be met by a handful of joggers and if you plan your trip well you can avoid them altogether and get some great aerial shots of the city. The park looks magnificent from the air and is near to the MAC and Edgbaston Cricket Club providing some amazing aerial photography shots.

From here you will also get some fantastic shots of the Birmingham skyline.

Sutton Park

One of the biggest parks in the whole of Europe provides more breathtaking scenery for your aerial photography. Not only that, but Sutton Park has a designated space for flying unmanned craft. You will be sharing this space with model planes and the like but if you want to be safe from disturbing others then this is one of the best places to be.

New Hall Valley

New Hall Valley is found just outside of Birmingham on the way towards Sutton Coldfield and there is a fantastic trail that leads from Pype Hayes Park right through to Sutton Park. This trail can get busy with runners, cyclists and walkers but again if you go early enough and then venture just off the main trail you should find some good open spaces for flying.

The biggest problem you are likely to face when it comes to flying a drone is members of public. Rightly or wrongly, many members of public will have either safety or privacy concerns over the use of drones near to them and their property. The key is to be away from anyone and you should be good. Not easy to do in a city the size of Birmingham, but it is possible. Good luck, have fun and stay safe!