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5 Reasons Birmingham Is Brilliant

As the second biggest city in the UK, many people might be led to believe that Birmingham is the second best city. In fact, (and rather scandalously we think) some people have the impression that Birmingham might not even feature in the UK’s top five cities.

Well we are here to dispel these myths about Birmingham and will kick off proceedings with five reasons why Birmingham is the best city in the UK – and yes, that includes beating London!

Reason 1: It has the youngest population in Europe

Yes, you read that correctly. Of all the cities in Europe, Birmingham is officially the youngest. That means it has more young people in creative jobs, more young people in business and more young people helping to shape the city.

Reason 2: It has The Ivy

The Ivy has for years been associated with London – well not any more. The Ivy is located in Birmingham’s Temple Row and has a superior style all of its own. Without those soaring retail prices in the capital, The Ivy provides top quality food and drink at reasonable rates.

Reason 3: Property is an Investors Dream

Property prices in Birmingham are growing at astonishing rates. Whilst you can still get on the property ladder at reasonable prices compared to the UK average, the price of property is growing faster than London at the time of writing.

Reason 4: Grand Central Is Just The Beginning Baby

If you have visited Birmingham via train you can’t really avoid Grand Central. The luxury shopping, food and drink center is the gateway to Brum and offers some of the finest cuisine and watering holes outside of Digbeth (check out Digbeth Dining Club if you haven’t seen them yet) and gives visitors the perfect welcome to the UK’s no.1 city.

Reason 5: Birmingham Re-invents Itself Time After Time

Like an ageing band, Birmingham is able to reinvent itself and still remain cool and ahead of its time. Forget those grey 1960’s buildings, since the demolition and rebuilding of the bullring, Birmingham has thrust itself well and truly in to the 21st century and leads the way in terms of architectural design with some of the most iconic buildings in the region. Birmingham Library and The Cube are just two such fantastic pieces of design on show in the city.